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What exactly is wrong with this form of fashion? And why do we have to get rid of it as fast as possible..

You have probably noticed that the windows and collections of your favorite clothing brand or store change every once in a while. Not only is there new clothing available every season - that would make sense - but the

collections change weekly and sometimes even daily. Handy and fun, those constantly changing fashion trends! However…?

Honestly, how much of such an afternoon shopping of cheap clothing ends up in the back of your closet? And if you do wear your new item of clothing often, how quickly is it washed, worn or simply no longer beautiful or wearable? That too is fast fashion: cheap clothes. That nice shirt from the sale often ends at the bottom of the pile or you only come across it again after a year when you sort out your wardrobe.

Is sustainable clothing really that expensive or does it seem that way because the clothing of large, well-known fashion chains are so incredibly cheap? We often come up with arguments such as "I can vary a lot for little money", "I get little pocket / clothing allowance" or "I have to buy clothes for three children". But you also know secretly that it just isn't right: if you think of who made your shirt, what material it is and where it should come from, then it just can't cost 5 euros. And then we are not even talking about the so-called quality or how long it lasts.

What can I buy?

We really don't mean to say that you can never shop again and we also understand that making your wardrobe (and / or your family's) more sustainable is not done in one week. But with every purchase you make you can first think briefly before you go loose in the sale:

Do I really need this item of clothing?

Does it easily combine with other clothing that I have?

Is there an alternative that is fair or sustainable?

Will it last a long time?

Can it be reused or recycled if I ever dispose of it?

Asking yourself these questions can help to finally own a wardrobe full on high quality, sustainable and fair-trade clothing, made by people that are getting salaries and insurance that are treated well, and clothed that will last a long time and stay looking good. It's better to have less clothes, in better condition, that you could possibly sell as second hand, than to have too many cheap clothes.

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